What is NextGen?

We're a group of community and civic-minded individuals who are taking the future into our own hands by creating a city that attracts and gives voice to the 18-40 year old generation by connecting people, places, communities, and ideas.


Upcoming events



Timeraiser is a silent art auction where attendees bid volunteer time, not dollars, for original art. In addition to supporting emerging artists (each work of art is purchased at market price), Timeraiser helps foster and celebrate volunteerism nationally and in local communities.


Our Projects


NextGen City Jam is a one-of-a-kind concert where you volunteer 10 hours at a YEG nonprofit or charity. Once you have your volunteer hrs, sign up to get your name on the guest list to attend an awesome music event!  It’s going to be an epic celebration of volunteerism in YEG! You can sign up to attend City Jam starting May 1, 2019-September 4, 2019.


With MEÆT, we come together to make the funding decisions ourselves, now.  Applying for a grant is intentionally simple to encourage broad participation and rapid impact.


Pecha Kucha Night has been described as a grown-up “show and tell”, with a diverse range of presentation topics, reflecting the unique nature of each presenting city.

Bid Time. Do good. Get Art.

Timeraiser is a party for social good, supporting artists and non-profits. Attendees bid volunteer time, not dollars for original art. In addition to supporting emerging artists, Timeraiser aims to foster and celebrate volunteerism in the city.